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Important things to do before and after you arrive in Canada(Part 3)
In your first two weeks in Canada
  1. Learn about the different resources and sources of information available to help you settle in Canada.
  2. Call or visit animmigrant-serving organization in your city or town to learn about the services they provide.
  3. Apply for important documents like:
    • a Government health insurance card, so you can receive medical care in Canada. You should apply as soon as possible after arriving in Canada.
    • a Social Insurance Number (SIN). You cannot work in Canada without a SIN.
  1. Give us your new Canadian address, so that you can receive your permanent resident card in the mail.
  2. Open a Canadian bank account.
  3. Explore your city or town, and learn about the transportation options
  4. Learn how to make telephone calls and access the Internet.
  5. Memorize the national emergency telephone number:911. If you experience a medical or other type of emergency, call for help.
In your first two months in Canada
  1. If you do not have a job, you should start looking for one quickly. You can get information on job postings, on how to adapt your resume for Canadian employers, on mentorship programs, etc., at local immigrant-serving organizations.
  2. Improve you English and French.
  3. Learn about housing and how to search for a place to rent or buy.
  4. Read about education in Canada to learn things like how to register your children in a school and options available to improve your qualifications and skills.
  5. Obtain a Canadian driver’s licence if you plan to drive in Canada.
  6. Learn about Canadian laws as well as your rights and civic responsibilities as a resident of Canada.
  7. Find a doctor or health-care centre where you can go for your medical needs. Make an appointment for a medical check-up and vaccination update when you receive your government health insurance card.

Original Resource: Government of Canada

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