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Asia Tech: The 12 Most Active Corporate Investors(Part 3)

9. Fosun Kinzon Capital

Fosun Kinzon Capital funds technology companies in both Asia and the US, with a focus on “mobile internet” companies serving a variety of different industries ranging from fintech to digital health. Its Asia tech deals from Q1’16 through Q1’17 all went to China-based startups.

Fosun’s portfolio activity in Asia over the five-quarter period includes several search-related platforms and marketplaces. The firm made a follow-on investment in a Series B round for Xishan Information Technology – which operates, a discount insurance e-tailer – in Q3’16 and participated in the Series A for Zhugefang, an online real estate search platform, in Q1’17. It is also a two-time investor in Shanghai Molbase Technology, a B2B e-commerce site where people around the world connect to buy and sell chemical compounds and custom chemicals; Fosun first invested in the company’s Series C round in Q1’16 and made a follow-on investment this past May.

10. Bertelsmann Asia Investments

Bertelsmann Asia Investments (BAI) advertises an exclusive interest in China-based companies, but about half of the company’s technology investments from Q1’16 to Q1’17 included deals outside China.

Two of those investments took place in Q3’16, in which BAI participated in a $45M Series A to Hong Kong-based DotC United, a mobile application developer, as well as a $20M Series B to Indonesia-based Baca, a news and information discovery service. The third was a Series C to Singapore-based Bigo Live, a social video streaming app.

11. Baidu

Search engine company Baidu is earning a reputation as the Chinese Google, and its investments in Asian internet, mobile software, and artificial intelligence startups reflect that. Baidu financed two Chinese AI startups in Q1’17 alone: The firm participated in a $10M Series A to Shumei Technology, which uses artificial intelligence and big data for fraud detection, and a $600M Series D round to NIO (formerly NextEV), a manufacturer of autonomous vehicles powered by an “artificial intelligence engine.” NIO was valued at $2.89B following the Baidu deal.

In addition to those financings, Baidu made at least four other investments in Asia tech startups – all based in China – between Q1’16 and Q1’17. One was in Beijing-based unicorn HomeLink, an online real estate brokerage; Baidu invested alongside Tencent and others in HomeLink’s $872M Series B in Q2’16.

12. YJ Capital

Rounding out our list is YJ Capital, the venture arm of Yahoo! Japan, which made at least four investments in Japan and two in Singapore over the five-quarter period preceding Q2’17. The firm’s deal activity in Asia tech included two internet-related companies: YJ participated in a $32.8M Series A to Japan-based BizReach, an executive job-search site, in Q1’16, and a $10M Series C to Singapore-based Paktor, a dating app that is a major rival to Tinder in Asia, in Q3’16. (Paktor has since merged with Taiwanese startup 17 Media.)

Two of its investments in the region also related to logistics and delivery: YJ Capital participated in the $30M Series B round for Singapore-based Ninja Van, which offers next day deliveries for e-commerce companies, as well as a seed round to Tokyo-based Dely, an early-stage entrant in the recently troubled food delivery space.

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