5 simple ways to get your lead generation process started

Hello, is it leads……you’re looking for? I can see it in your eyes……

Lead generation is the No. 1 challenge for marketers today. Let’s see what lead generation is with an infographic first and how you can actually get the process started.

Simplified Lead Generation, designed by Michelle Wang

Utilize email marketing

Email marketing is widely used as a cost-effective way to start the initial conversation when outreaching potential clients or customers. An email list should be well-searched and target your niche market.

Some may say that email marketing is dead and your emails will be marked as spam or end up in the Gmail promotion tab. However, email is still one of the most popular communication methods. Well designed and personalized emails will deliver products and service information to the right customers. Make sure you have an opt-in strategy and provide an unsubscribe option.

Email marketing is a multiple-touchpoint process before getting sales leads. It is most effective with follow-ups, so your perspectives could keep you in mind when the time comes.

Blog regularly

Blog, video or any other type of content are great ways to provide value to your audience. It also helps to build trust and credibility and to nurture leads for future sales. Good content takes time to create, promote, rank and update. However, it is just like growing an apple tree, once the tree is mature, the fruit will come constantly year by year.

Make it personal

As mentioned earlier, email customization makes a great difference in terms of response rate. Emails sent don’t have to be completely customized. Of course, sending emails one by one might be the strategy if you are just started and do not have a list in hand. Once the list is built and segmented based on subscribers’ interests, you are ready to scale your email campaign. Don’t underestimate the power of addressing your recipient by their names.

Call to action/landing page

If you don’t tell what you want your prospects to do next, they will take no action. And even you have call-to-actions, you have to make them noticeable and can’t be missed. Pushy is necessary but not too much. Let’s use a dating metaphor, which is so much over-used. For instance, don’t ask a girl to marry you if you just meet. Instead, ask for her number and schedule the next meeting. The restaurant for the second date is your landing page which reflects your lifestyle and how consistent you are (the relevance between call to action and landing page). As long as you can keep this interaction going, there’s a chance that you will “close the deal”.

Get great offers

So, you have done so much to get leads, don’t ruin the relationship you build with the last step. Great offers are relevant to your audience. Your offers should gain value for your customers, relief their pains, help them finish their tasks.

About the author: Michelle is a digital marketing specialist who always loves to work on ideas and is creative in solutions. Now, she has a new role as a blogger, sharing knowledge and spreading love. Connect with her on LinkedIn here.

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