Financial Service

Your CRM is more than a digital address book. Get complete access to your clients’ financial & policy documents, insurance records, and much more. Create a set of personalized email templates for each of your client categories and make your interactions more personal.


Travel Tourism

Many companies, big and small, compete against each other and at the same time collaborate in a restricted space. Requiring immediate and proactive adaptability in operations. Travel & Tourism industry is constantly changing its business environment. With the advent of the Internet’s latest technologies, all these and much more is now possible.

Real Estate

Software is built upon our years of experience and earned expertise in CRM and Product Designing. Along with development for Real Estate clients we gained domain knowledge of Realty and the result was a powerful software for Realtors.

Call Center

Call center services provide standardized, streamlined, uniform services for consumers making it an effective approach for interacting with their customers. We will provide services of low cost, experience improvement in productivity and quality.
Call handling services that includes customer support, operator services,multilingual customer support, directory assistance, credit services, inbound and outbound telemarketing, card services, interactive voice response, and web-based services.

Health Care

Healthcare organizations across all segments can do better management using our products. Streamline patient record access can reduce processing errors, enable throughout the life cycle of the patient record, reduce operational costs by alleviating patient dependence on administrative resources and increase responsiveness to patients through online education and counseling.


Our CRM system has extensive E-Learning experience in terms of developing solutions that seamlessly bring together a variety of technologies and services for the user.