[What is WRONG] My GTM tag is showing “still running”

So that’s what happened lately. I created a trigger and a tag to track a button click on our website. I thought it’s working, cause the tag appeared under “Tags Fired On This Event”, until I saw “Still running” on the tag.

I refreshed the GTM Debug mode and reloaded the page. It’s STILL showing “Still running”. I opened Google Analytics real-time reports, no hit was received.

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So what is the problem?

After my research, I sort of understand the causes of this problem (the resource I found explained the issue with a lot of technical terms). I’m just going to explain it in plain English.

The reason why the tag is “still running” is that the tag is not done. I know this explanation is too simple to be useful.

“Not Done” reason #1

The browser got stuck in the script when executing the code. The most common cause is that we mix Tracking ID with Google Analytics Settings when deploying tags. Simply put, the main difference between those two fields is that Tracking ID is just tracking ID (UA-XXXXXXX-XX) and Google Analytics setting is more than tacking ID. Computer could be really strict. It cannot move on if it didn’t everything it needs or it found more than it needs. If you really want to know the reason in details, check this post https://www.analyticsmania.com/post/google-analytics-tag-in-gtm-still-running/.

“Not Done” reason #2

Some other code on the website hijacked Google Analytics Tag. Basically, it means some other tools overwrites tracking method, therefore, there won’t be “Google Analytics hit”. However, Google Tag Manager can still see the code, so it will wait for the result to happen. It’s just like someone is waiting to board a vessel at an airport. It’s not gonna happen! See detail explanation is this post. https://www.simoahava.com/analytics/still-running-google-tag-manager-tags/

“Not Done” reason #3

It got blocked. This is what happened to me. It like you tried every possible reasons why the computer won’t turn on, only to find out that it’s simply unplugged. So my button click tracking tag was showing “Still running” and my page view tracking tag was “Failed”.

The reason is simple. I blocked Google Analytics for our website, using a chrome extension. It worked perfectly after I turned the extension off.

I hope this post is helpful for you.

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