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Your Obsession with Learning Might be Holding You Back

Author:AYTEKIN TANK   Learning has never been so popular—or so accessible. Online startups like Skillshare, LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, and MasterClass teach everything from coding to character acting. Bloggers and influencers are churning out e-courses at a dizzying rate. And postsecondary institutions are offering more online classes than ever before. Given the choice between schlepping to a community center for […]

QR Code Payment is Rising Under the Condition of COVID-19

The COVID-19 has been brought businesses some huge changes, including payment methods. Lots of stores have stopped accepting cash payment, and at the same time, they have started to pay attention on QR code technology. As a contactless payment method, QR code’s cost is pretty low, and it is connivence for both businesses and customers. Customers, don’t have […]

Top 5 data visualization tools

Data visualization software as a business intelligence tool using visual elements to illustrate data and makes it easily perceived by the audiences. It combined pie charts, scatter plots and bar graphs to simplify the procedure to interpret the complex numbers. The article is going to analyze five of the top-rated data visualization software which is measured by […]

WHY Customer Loyalty Programs?

No matter for which type of business, the customer is always the first priority. No business can survive without customers; therefore, businesses want to do anything possible to keep their current customers and expand more new customers to reach the growth. And that is the reason of Customer Loyalty Program exists and has been so popular in […]

4 Factors Need To Be Considered When Choosing Software

When you want to choose a software to help you improve your business, it could be very hard to make the right decision especially facing thousands of choices. Here are 4 factors that you should consider about when making the choice, they might direct you to the right position. 1.What you need the software to do for […]