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Online marketing concept - Marketeer working at the desk


eCommerce is a business model that allows the company to conduct transactions through the Internet. Across the industry, it has become a major technique used by most businesses to increase its market presence, which widens the distribution channel of the products and services at a lower cost. It is a complement of brick-and-mortar which is possible to develop scalable and efficient.

Why eCommerce

  • Overcome the geographical restriction in brick and mortar with lower cost
  • Leads revenue to a new phase while eCommerce business model running 24/7
  • Reach out customer in a global spectrum with search engine visibility
  • Exempt the limitation of the aisle, unlimited product exhibition and availability of product customization

Service Digitization

Going digital is a necessity of business to fulfill customer needs. It delivers products and services at a fast and efficient pace. Service Digitization is a transformation process that involves technological advancement and merges the business to the digital environment with an improved business model.

Why Digitization

  • Drive customer engagement through integrating service to the digital platform
  • Expand enterprises’ distribution channel, add technological elements to the service it offers
  • Provides a more secure method to protect information through the cloud and data encryption technology
  • Enhance performance and productivity in the organization through implementing emerging technology

Digital Workspace Solutions

Remote workplace is a working style that allows professionals to work outside of the traditional office environment. It incorporates the concept of work that does not need to be done in a specific place for executing successfully. Remote working allows employees to design their days and planning for project execution while they please by working from home. Digital workspace as the better practice for individuals that are seeking for coexisting of life and work.

Why Remote Working

  • Ability to manage fracture time improve the productivity of employees
  • Cost-saving to be digitized, get rid of office rental and other fixed costs
  • Employees more engaged work in a leisure environment they are familiar
  • Information flows smoothly in the collaborative and project management tool

Online marketing


Traditionally, marketing defined by a series of strategies and tactics to connect the right people at the right time, now, it’s been taking to the Internet. Today, online marketing is substituting traditional marketing in a larger spectrum. It aims to increase brand awareness globally. Take a glance at your competitor, it’s unexceptional for the business to have an online presence even it’s a social media account.


By digital marketing, you are accessible to an enormous audience by marketing tactic that is cost-effective. It makes your effort measurable by utilizing analytic tools to determine the ROI of the marketing campaign. Moreover, it promotes the traditional marketing medium such as print ads, billboards.

How does a business define digital marketing? 

Digital marketing is all about connecting customers through the medium they spend most of the time—the Internet. All the strategies, actions, and campaigns towards increasing online presence could be defined as digital marketing. It ranges from Content Marketing, Social Media campaigns, Search Engine Optimization, Responsive Web Design, and beyond.